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Argentinian Cushion Covers

Argentinian Cushion Collection – Iana Our Iana textile collection has been sourced from a remote province in Northern Argentina. Each one of our handwoven textiles tells a story of cultural traditions and the art of Argentinian weaving. Our Iana collection incorporates contemporary design into the traditional weaving process, dating back centuries to create an earthy, organic, high quality hand-woven piece of art that truly is one of a kind. The “Iana” collection has been named after the word ‘wool’ in Spanish. Our textile collection is made with 100% natural, organic wool.  The colour palette of our cushion collection has been inspired by nature and its landscapes. Our core collection will always reflect the seasons based on the plants and shrubs that are available. Once the wool has been collected and cleaned of the natural elements in the environment, it is hand-dyed using only natural dyes found in nature including native sticks, roots, minerals, fruit, nuts and shrubs.